An MMO-like game that has been enjoying great reviews since it hit the market, Black Desert Mobile is an ever-evolving game. Know that this game of Pearl Abyss is currently entering its tenth season, with Le Path of Glory Where Path of Glory. This game is published by Black Desert.

Black Desert Mobile for Novices

It is a mostly action-oriented shooter just like any other TPS (Third Person Shooter) game. Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of Black Desert Online. It is a survival game that takes place in ancient Italy, and which offers many activities to its players. To do this, you can take advantage of housing, shops, agriculture or fishing, apart from your exchanges of fire, your various events and your castle battles. Obviously, you can customize and equip your character at will, in order to end up with a perfect avatar. Knowing that this type of game is becoming widely popular nowadays, Black Desert Mobile has been designed to offer an excellent experience to players. Plus, you can easily dodge opponents’ punches, and retaliate with combos, while enjoying manual aiming for accuracy.

For more functionality, you can also engage in the taming of horses that you find in nature, in order to ride them for walks, or to engage in fights on horseback. However, be aware that you will also be subject to different weather changes, which will put you in the face of various disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, or even temporary fogs. In addition, by taking advantage of the alternation of day and night, remember that the content differs according to your playing schedule. And, to feel more in your element, you can also arrange your accommodation, whether by creating or buying furniture, enough to make you a sweet home in which to rest and hide.

Black Desert Mobile

Remember that Black Desert Mobile was developed following the success of its online version, especially on PC and console. Nevertheless, the developers were able to perfectly transcribe the strengths of this game on mobile, which did not fail to be acclaimed by the players. Knowing that most gamers are currently focusing on mobile games, due to the difficulty of obtaining a good gaming setup on PC or the purchase of the new PlayStation. However, be aware that the updates apply to both the mobile version and the online version, and this is precisely what we decrypt for you below.

Black Desert Mobile, the latest update

That’s it, since November 1, Black Desert Mobile begins its final season as far as the family dungeon is concerned. Throughout this tenth season, find new features that will allow you to benefit from a better gaming experience. To do this, start by remembering that it is now possible to call on six members of your family to fight the horde of ‘enemies. This will allow you to better manage your guard, since your main goal is to defend your portal against the horde of enemies who want to besiege you. Obviously, to make the game even more interesting than it already is, with the addition of a whole level of difficulty, namely the Rift 19. At the heart of it, you will have to face angry bosses. It is Bhegof Red noseof Giath or even of Muskan. There’s plenty to keep you busy for a while.

Black Desert Mobile

To inspire you to get more into this game, know that at the end of this season, each player who has completed it will be rewarded with a permanent emblem. Which will influence the performance of his family members and their statistics, especially since he can be improved thanks to the powers of the Breath of Tus. Note that the breath of Tus is acquired only after having passed the Tus’ Nest Dungeon. However, when talking about Black Desert Mobile, we also cannot dissociate the fairies. As a result, the latter are also entitled to their batches of improvements. To do this, it is impossible not to notice their new outfits, as well as the brooches. Knowing that fairies imperatively want to dress in the same way as humans, a special level is therefore dedicated to this task. However, it is only after this level, entitled: “I want to dress like humans“, that you can start collecting brooches. Which will cause your fairy to get a little closer to your player.

Completing the various missions will require guts to complete each mission successfully. Even more, it will take perseverance, knowing that some bosses can take more than half a day to defeat, which requires a certain Level. Nevertheless, apart from these different missions, you will still be entitled to different alternative missions, recognized as being events not to be missed during the game. For this, there are relay missions, fights at the UP level as well as aid assignments. However, as an alternate mission, these missions took place on the first week of November.


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