After a monumental success on the game WRC 10 which marked 50 years of WRC, Nakon and KT-Racing (Kylotonn) return to the charge with a new promising title, namely WRC Generations. Freshly released on November 3, 2022, find all the points to remember about this game below.

WRG Generations Nacon KT Racing released on November 3, 2022

The latest WRC from Nacon and KT Racing

Having been the basis of the WRC 1 game in 2001, the KT Racing studio and Nacon have decided to withdraw definitively from the WRC project for the years to come. However, this is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why they have worked hard to bow out in style. It must be said that they really went all out, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of content. WRC Generations was a little late this year. Indeed, if, generally, we are used to a new release during the month of September. This time, we had to wait two months to enjoy it. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the wait paid off for the players. However, everyone should be reminded that WRC Generations is the last WRC from NACON and KT Racing, but WRC will not cease to exist. Because it is currently Codemasters who owns the rights. Note at the same time that Codemasters is a subsidiary ofEA Sports.

WRC - Generations

It is currently available on all game platforms, both on Xbox and PlayStation, and of course on PC. Players on Nintendo Switch will still have to wait until December to be able to play it. However, it should also be noted that WRC Generations is also played in cross-play. This allows everyone to compete online to determine who will be the champion for the season. Nevertheless, we greatly regret the absence of the talent scout who offered an amateur internship for the first 5 or 6 players in the world. However, the goal of the game remains the same as before, namely to finish at the head of the race through the different leagues offered, between the rookie, the junior, the professional, the champion, the legend and the beginner.

New features to enjoy in WRC Generations

So, in terms of novelty, it must be said that we are spoiled with this new opus of WRC. As much in career mode as in league mode, or even in multiplayer mode, everyone can find something for themselves. Especially since we find the return of the famous split-screen mode. So you can easily rub shoulders with your loved ones on the same device. However, the biggest news of this title is none other than the appearance of hybrid vehicles, super-powerful vehicles that easily alternate between the heat engine and the electric motor. Without forgetting that the inertia of the car is more present than on the previous version. This allows a better grip of each vehicle, as well as a better feeling of immersion. On the other hand, special attention should be paid to the handling of hybrid cars. This is necessary for optimum grip in hairpin bends.

WRC - Generations

Obviously, a specific option for the management of hybrid cars is available in the career version for those who play in WRC 1 and 2. This will allow you to considerably improve your vehicle, and launch you into different series of tests before putting it on the road. circuit. For those who play on PC, know that the rendering and fluidity of the game will depend solely on your setup. But, if you have a good gaming PC, you should have a satisfactory result. For those who play on console, don’t worry, the latest generation consoles already have good configurations that adapt to them.

To return to the league mode, it is played exclusively online in multiplayer mode. As a result, this allows you to rub shoulders with the various players present on the network and who covet the first place. However, before embarking on this crazy race, it is best to start the training mode first. This allows you to wander through a small open world. This training will then allow you to determine the overall condition of each vehicle, and to take the time to master them, in order to avoid surprises on the ground. Especially since you can take advantage of this training time to determine the various improvements to be made to your vehicles to perfect them, and ensure faultless routes.

The essentials to remember about WRC Generations

Although this is not a novelty per se, it should still be noted that following the celebration of the 50th anniversary of WRC, different vehicles have returned to the game. To do this, we note the different cars who have already won, at least once, in the WRC. This leads us to discover different classics of this epic car race. We find in particular the 205 T16, the Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII, the Alpine A110, or the Audi Quattro A1, as well as the Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD.

Then, speaking of return, we also note the presence of many emblematic stages in this WRC title, in addition to classic rallies such as Monte-Carlo, Italy-Sardinia and others. There is a serious improvement in the stages of Sweden, in order to avoid the cliché of a classic race with a snowy environment. In addition, we also find Japan, Kenya, or even Portugal who reappear in WRC Generations, a news that can only please fans of the game. Because, these are countries that have marked many players through their various special stages.

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