Surely you knew the first three opuses? If this is not the case, do not hesitate to discover them too! But Syberia: The World Before, developed and edited by Microids did me a lot of good, and I’ll tell you why in the rest of this article.

syberia 4 the world before

It all started at the dawn of the Second World War.

Indeed, Syberia: The World Before will take you through two stories that will be linked over the course of the adventure during this somewhat dark period when the brown shadow (a fascist group) reigns over Europe.

On the one hand we have Dana Roze whose story is set in Vaghen in 1937. 17-year-old Dana is a brilliant pianist, but whose future is darkened by this fascist threat. On the other hand we have an additional adventure with Kate Walker, which takes place in 2004 in the Taiga Salt Mines.

The decor is thus set. You will certainly be transported to this magnificent universe offered by Benoit Sokal (unfortunately died on May 21, 2021 during the project).

syberia puzzle game

Stunning art direction

I’m not afraid to say it, it’s a slap that I took! I had already loved the first three episodes. But, there, the graphic level is still a good notch above. The sets are dazzling and we are really transported to this world filled with automatons.

And what about the symphonic soundtrack composed by Inon Zur (composer of Syberia 3, Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince Of Persia). Honestly, we have here a pearl of the video game.

syberia graphics

A puzzle system that carries you through the game

Indeed, the principle of Syberia: The World Before remains simple. You can advance either with your joystick or directly with your mouse in a point’n’click style.

Despite everything, the game remains an adventure game in which you will play Kate and Dana in turn. Moreover, the lighting effects will surprise you with each advance in the story.

Besides that, there is also an essential point. If you haven’t played the first three Syberia, you won’t be lost. This is important, because many of you will discover the saga through this opus. On the other hand, if you want to know more about the history of the three old games, do not hesitate to watch the trailer.

Syberia: The World Before, to perfect the sumptuous side of this release!

This game is offered in two editions. The first refers to the twentieth anniversary of Syberia. The second is the collector’s edition of the game Syberia: The World Before. For this edition, you obviously find the complete game with collectibles including the figurines, the key ring, the digital script, a metal case.

Syberia 20 year collection

Syberia: The World Before Collector's Edition

For now, Syberia: The World Before is available from November 15, 2022 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series and will be available in 2023 on PS4, xbox one and Switch. Please find attached below the trailer that will lead you to follow the adventures of Dana and Kate.

And you, what Syberian are you? Do not hesitate to come and indicate it in comments!


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