A game released towards the end of June 2022, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak does not accumulate less than 5 million players today. Taking into account the interest that players have for the game, Capcom keeps spoiling them, and this third dated update is testament to that.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, constantly evolving!

Knowing a great success in the market since its release, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak continues to offer new content to its loyal players, to keep them going, even after completing the main quests of the game. The first Monster Hunter Digital Event took place in August, with an initial update offering players the opportunity to own the Nargcuga Selenite or even the Vulcan Bazelgeuse. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the digital-event is an extension of the game, which allows you to access different side quests, better known as mods. And given the success of the game, it is quite normal that Capcom wants to make the most of it through a whole series of mods or successive updates.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Capcom version 12

Indeed, although version 12 of the game has just been unveiled at the end of September, note that Capcom has already officially announced the next release of version 13 towards the end of November. In its press release, the developer even adds that many updates are already in preparation for 2023, which promises to be sporty. However, if after these few weeks, you have already completed the various quests offered by version 12 of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the arrival of this 13ᵉ version should then delight you. Especially since, like its predecessors, the latter is armed with many free new features, as well as many paid DLCs.

The updates expected for this new version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Like the previous versions, the biggest expectation of the players is generally based on the new monsters which will make their appearances. If you fall into this category, know that you will not be disappointed, knowing that great news awaits you in this game. To do this, you will have to find brand new old type dragons, in awakening mode, know the Kushala Daorathe Gora Magala of Chaosas well as the Teostra. Something to make you wiggle even more than before. However, note that different monsters will also be added to the lot, and the least we can say is that in terms of power, it’s no joke with them. Each monster is far more powerful than the ones you’ve faced before, and the further you go, the more their power will increase.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

However, apart from mythical dragons and monsters of all kinds, you will also have the opportunity to discover new weapons through this new update. Although these weapons are designed to overcome your opponents, be aware that the new series of weapons is quite unusual, and for once, you will be dealing with fourteen different plush weapon skins. However, don’t be fooled by the cuddly side of the plush, the latter is largely Machiavellian and without pity for its adversaries, a perfect sidekick to carry out its quests. Obviously, these weapons are among the paid DLCs. However, you will still need to determine which type of weapon is most satisfying to you, and which fits the current quest, to ensure you have a chance of winning. Knowing that an awakened dragon is never easy to defeat, yet you will have no other choice if you want to move forward.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Plush Capcom Update

A few details not to overlook about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Indeed, version 13 of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak does not only include weapons and monsters, among the novelties it brings, we also note the arrival of a new voice. Indeed, through the free DLC, you can find the original voiceover of certain characters, to mention only Kagami. However, as you continue your progress, you may discover that at the end of each quest you will be rewarded with different special gifts, a surprise that many were unaware of. However, speaking of quests, know that you will also be constantly accompanied by the Paragons in each of your master rank quests. A shock team that will help you defeat the toughest monsters, especially for the anomalies quests, in which you will have to fight against the awakened Kushala Daora.

It is true that you have already accumulated many points as a master in the game. However, defeating an awakened dragon is not an easy task. Therefore, to avoid losing players very early, Capcom then had the brilliant idea of ​​only spawning dragons when players reached master rank 120. Speaking of dragons, also know that the Gore Magala Chaos is not one of the dragons present in solo battlegrounds, unlike Teostra and Kushala, which are both in awaken mode.

However, it could also be because it’s a fairly “weak” dragon, despite its unstable brute strength, capable of knocking you around at any moment. In any case, know that you only need to reach a master rank 10 to be able to face him, and even defeat him.


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