Due to Trust’s announcement of their new GXT 981 Redex mouse, I was curious to see what it would look like once in hand. As usual, Trust fills us with its gaming range which generally combines quality with an affordable budget. However, let’s see if this mouse is made for you!

Trust GXT 981 Redex

First of all, I would like to point out that the mouse was sent quickly and well protected during delivery! As usual, Trust offers us no-frills gaming hardware here, which is a plus, because this mouse is all-purpose. There is no garish color or ultra futuristic design. This has an obvious impact on its price. Here you have a fairly sober mouse in matte black, equipped with six customizable buttons. On the other hand, what shocked me the most positively was the lightness of the mouse. It weighs 74 grams. Accustomed to much heavier mice, it was a test for me to take control of this mouse. Between its finish and its lightness, the first concerns were born! Will it last over time? Isn’t it too light for intensive use? To answer this question, I tested the beast for a whole month and it works like the first day! Despite its looks, the GXT 981 Redex is solid. The usb cable is also solid and its adjustable optical sensor from 200 dpi up to 10,000 dpi allows unprecedented precision during your different games!

Software to govern it

The software, which you will have to download from the Trust site, will allow you to customize your mouse, which is extremely easy to use. The first option allows you to customize the 6 mouse buttons!
The second option will allow you to adjust the dpi. In all, you can preload 7 different dpi. You can easily travel from one to the other thanks to the button under the wheel. This will allow you to know at a glance what dpi you are in thanks to the color of your leds that you have personalized! There are also several options for customizing the LEDs, such as the flashing mode or the speed at which it flashes.
Finally, the last option will allow you to define the macros! All of this can be saved in a profile. Thus, you can switch from your gamer profile to your office profile in no time thanks to the software!

In conclusion

The design of the mouse as well as its lightness gives a cheap side to this mouse. However, appearances should not be fooled. Indeed, we have here quality equipment, usable in all circumstances both in office automation and in gaming. Its easy-to-use software will allow the most novice to get used to customizing their mouse. Plus, the ability to turn off the lighting will even allow you to use it as a simple office mouse without catching the eye of your colleagues! The only downsides I found to this jewel reside in a slight lack of ergonomics and software. The latter is not offered for download automatically when you connect the mouse. For once, you have to pick it up by hand.

Apart from that, it ticks all the boxes brilliantly, this mouse will be the perfect partner coupled with your gaming headset!


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