You may not know RIG. But here he offers a headset with mic good quality with an affordable price. This is the Helmet RIG 500 Pro.
We are therefore going to test the sound of the headphones, the microphone, the settings, the ergonomics…

best micro gaming headset

We start with the sound, can you hear me?

This RIG 500 Pro Gen 2 has it all. The basic sound, even without adjustment, is rather homogeneous with perhaps a little lack of bass.

BUT, and this is where the strength of this helmet comes in, it is compatible Dolby Atmos and even with two years of access to the Dolby system for Xbox and Windows.

Once the Dolby Atmos system and/or a few equalizer settings have been made, the headset enters another dimension.

The sound is clear, sufficiently powerful and very balanced. The dolby system, on compatible games and applications, really brings something extra with a really nice sound placement.

For me it is absolutely a nice surpriseespecially in view of its price.

rig 500 pro super gaming headset

Regarding the microphone, sufficient for a headset

Don’t do like me by putting the headphone jack directly on your microphone input of your GOXLR… (see video test of the headphones)

So, if you use the headphones on a PC, you just need to have a Y-splitter (this will output two jacks, one for the microphone and one for the headphones). On console, it’s very simple, it’s plug and play and it works perfectly.

the microphone sound is pretty clean for a headset microphone. If you use the microphone from a pc, you can add some filters from your goxlr and/or obs if you stream to further improve this.

The fixing principle is very good and seems solid, much more practical than on some helmets costing twice as much.

It is enough, as on many helmets, to raise the boom of microphone in order to transfer you.

Best Micro Gaming Headset

Really interesting ergonomics and design on the RIG 500 Pro headphones

I will come back to this design, for sure, the RIG 500 Pro headphones will not leave you indifferent!

The HD 500 Pro is very well made. In fact, it will allow you true comfort to be worn, even for a long period of gaming.

The double headband, with a spring-loaded headband, will adapt to all heads, but above all provides real comfort. I had never felt this on any other helmet.

The removable pads to be cleaned are also a plus.

The fact of being able to modify the positioning of the headphones, to be able to choose its degree of immersion and noise reduction vis-à-vis the outside, is also a very interesting option.

In the end, more than surprised by this helmet, especially since its price on the official site is € 79.90 so go for it !!!!!!!!!!!

For my part, I will use it regularly on my laptop, for lives where I need to have my hands free and on my switch.

This headset is compatible with PC, smartphone, xbox, ps4, ps5, switch

Video test by clicking here

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