Between the interrupted series and the prices of certain volumes which are soaring, it is very difficult for fans to ” Hokuto No Ken” , a.k.a Ken the Boy Who Lived with us, to have a collection worthy of the name. After a Deluxe edition in 14 volumes, it’s time for the Extreme Edition which interests us today. Planned in 18 volumesthis new adaptation of the manga of Tetsuo Hara and buronson arrived at Crunchyroll on October 12 with a massive first volume. Is the pleasure still intact? That’s what we’re going to see!

– Updated the article with our opinion on volume 2available November 2, 2022 –

Review: Hokuto No Ken - Extreme Edition tome 1 CrunchyrollSynopsis : 199X… The Earth was consumed by the inferno of atomic flames to change into a world of violence and death. Humanity’s last hope lies in the fists of a single man, with a chest adorned with seven scars. The confrontation between Hokuto Shinken and Nanto Seiken is about to enter into legend…

Review: Hokuto No Ken - Extreme Edition tome 1 Crunchyroll

Ken therefore returns at the end of the year with a new edition that clearly has a mouthful, let’s not be afraid of words. The cover is classy, ​​and the book contains color pages, unpublished illustrations as well as a new division of the volumes. Some boards have been retouched by Tetsuo Hara, and we must admit that we still like the visual style! Hokuto No Ken is a real slap in the face, with that retro pencil stroke that we love so much (the manga was originally pre-published between 1983 and 1988 in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine). Good blood but what class. Kenshiro is still just as badass, and kicks ass in a dusty and violent Mad Max atmosphere. The blows (and special techniques) of our hero are still just as hard-hitting, the references to genre cinema are numerous, and the characters are immediately endearing. We still had the events of the story well in mind, but this rediscovery was excellent. Difficult to put down this first volume, however voluminous, as we are taken by the story, the atmosphere and the fight scenes. Many strong messages are conveyed, and the work crosses the decades without aging a hair. The slap was there then, and it still is!

This first volume is therefore very immersive, and the edition offered by Crunchyroll is of very good quality, with quality paper and color pages of the most beautiful effect. There is not much to complain about what we have in our hands. However, the price is debatable. It takes 14€99 to get your hands on this Extreme Edition, which makes a lot of readers cringe. Certainly, we must take into account the various recent increases, but most of the “Perfect” formats of the genre are sold around 12€99. The difference is certainly not incredible, but we are talking about a work that has already been proposed several times. We can therefore rightly complain, but once the book is in our hands, we plunge back with great pleasure into this story that takes our guts out. The sensations are there, and that’s the main thing!

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Hokuto No Ken - Extreme Edition - Volume 2Hokuto No Ken – Extreme Edition – Volume 2 “The power of the Hokuto Shinken allowed Kenshiro to get rid of the terrible colonel of the Red Berets and founder of the Golan. The man with the seven scars continues his way on this devastated Earth and, at the bend of a village struck by drought, releases water from a dried up spring, restoring hope to the inhabitants. But a band of looters who reign in the region got wind of the news, and intends to get their hands on this blue gold…”

Kenshiro’s enemies better watch out! After a really convincing first volume in terms of finish, with very beautiful color pages, the series of Tetsuo Hara and Buronson returns to Crunchyroll with a volume 2 still as rich in fights! The Mad Max post-apo atmosphere has never worked so well, and the psychopathic soldiers fall one after the other under the blows of our hero. And even if his enemies are getting stronger, the stakes are very low for the moment as Ken is powerful. He connects the techniques, all more stylish than the other, to end his opponents in a bloodbath. The charisma is present, and after beating the face of the soldiers with class, Ken will once again do battle with looters, who have come to steal water from an old woman taking care of children.

Again, Buronson’s story is ruthless, and poor innocents die there. The world we discover is ravaged by violence and hatred, and looters do not hesitate to hang children for fun. In the middle of it all, Ken is cleaning up, but he can’t be everywhere. Each time he leaves a place, we are afraid that a tragedy will occur (and this is often the case as his enemies are deceitful). Difficult for him to get attached to anyone as death can happen at any time! This volume 2 remains in any case in line with the first, still classy, sometimes emotionally strong, but equal very enjoyable when Ken hits skulls. Visually, it’s lavish, with detailed backgrounds and plenty of great artwork. The color pages really look great, and we go through the chapters at high speed. This volume also introduces new characters who will undoubtedly occupy an important place in the plot. Are new, more important issues to be expected? This is what we will see in the next volume.


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