Trove is an MMO-like game developed by Trion Worlds and which is based on voxels. A game that has been a hit on the market for many years, Trove today unveils its brand new update, namely Find: Reeling in the Stars.

Trove: Reeling in The Stars gamigo Trion Worlds

Welcome to the world of Trove!

Trove is a free-to-play MMORPG set in an all-voxel world. This virtual dimension is generated procedurally. Nevertheless, it is possible for you to arrange it according to your preferences, and this, at will. For those who don’t know what voxels are, know that we are talking about 3D pixels here, designed to store colorimetric information, as well as spatial coordinates and positioning. Thanks to its characteristics, voxels are very similar to the physical appearance of Lego. Therefore, this facilitates your use of them. However, to come back to Trove, know that this game is based on a specific theme, very close to star wars insofar as everything happens in the stars, and more precisely within the constellations.


The story begins when the sun goddess made the decision to split the universe into many kingdoms populated by fantastic creatures and many treasures. For those who discover it, Trove is a set of islets on which all moves are possible, especially for those who are eager for adventure and who have an unlimited imagination. In this universe, you can then have fun building fortresses and dungeons. In addition, you can embark on the exploration of the various treasures and precious objects scattered in the game. Obviously, like any MMORPG type game, your main goal in this game is to build a world that is yours. own, and to work for its prosperity.

What awaits you in Trove

For starters, aside from its building game style, Trove offers a healthy dose of adventure for all players. Indeed, you will be led to discover many dungeons, for very distinct and non-repetitive quests. Moreover, this will prevent you from getting bored quickly, as in other games of the genre. Although it is not expressly specified, be aware that Trove can be played in both multiplayer and single player mode. This will depend on your preferences. However, be aware that the level of difficulty adapts to your preference. Alongside this, you have the option of embarking on solo quests, in order to adapt to the environment and the mechanics of the game. Once you have gained confidence, you can then embark on more perilous games. , launching you into a multiplayer campaign.


Apart from the single and multiplayer mode, know that in Trove, you will also have the opportunity to give free rein to your overflowing imagination. To do this, you can arm yourself with different materials to build your buildings. However, be aware that this is a step that requires a lot of time, insofar as the construction requires the laying of stone one by one. Of course, these buildings are not just there for decoration. Indeed, you can also use them to rest between two missions. In addition, it is also possible for you to take your house with you everywhere. Therefore, this will allow you to hide there at any time. But, even more, remember that in this game, each player is also free to build their own objects, in order to offer them to their community, so that the latter can benefit from them. Especially since it can be an effective method to put your signature through the game.

What’s new in the Trove: Reeling in the Stars update!

If you’ve played this game before, know that in Trove: Reeling in the Stars, the trovians have already found the power of the stars. But, more than that, they also discovered how to use the stars to their advantage. However, you will also be led to discover three main constellations, between the Constellation of the Gatheringthe Constellation of Battleas well as constellation of the world Knowing that each constellation offers specific assets and launches you into different types of adventure. For more practicality, a constellation can offer bonuses to other constellations. Nevertheless, in general, each constellation focuses on its main mission.

Besides that, also remember that this game has its own bargaining chip (astral echoes), in particular, astral echoes, which are easily found through dungeon excavations. However, be aware that the manufacturing space has also received its dose of updates, offering different levels to each player. Through the game, you will also discover Selene, who still tries in vain to barter part of his divinity against astral echoes with the Trovians. Indeed, you will also be led to discover the constellation keys which allow you to unlock the paths of the constellations, or even to completely reset the constellation tree. As you progress through the story, you will eventually discover the eternal culprit, Urmhalit, who has been hiding across the stars.

Additionally, as you can see in the first image, Trovians will be able to go fishing. This will take you to a more immersive experience. Alongside this, brand new bait will be offered to you. Thanks to these, bonuses and effects will be applied to you directly.

As of now, Trove: Reeling in the Stars is currently available on PC. Rest assured, if you have platforms such as the Switch, the playstations or even the different Xbox versions, Trove: Reeling in the Stars will be available from December.


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