Fighting games are enjoying some success in the market. Behavior Interactive offers us a new one for our greatest pleasure. After launching Dead by Daylighta few weeks ago, the developer is quickly coming back in force with Flippin Misfits. A 3D battle game, for totally stunning games.

Flippin Misfits Behavior Interactive Free Steam November 10-14, 2022

Flippin Misfits, a fighting game that does not lack air!

Although it’s almost the end of the year, it’s clear that vacation time is still a long way off for Behavior Interactive. Indeed, after spending months of polishing itself, Flippin Misfits was released on September 27, 2022. For party game fans, the game is now available on the Steam streaming platform, and those who added it to their list wish have already received it, before anyone else. However, it should be remembered that for the moment, Flippin Misfits is still only accessible on PC.

Flippin Misfits

However, with the various fighting games on the market, it should be noted that Flippin Misfits stands out from them, simply by its universe. Indeed, for those who are still unaware of this game, know that Flippin Misfits gives you the opportunity to defy the laws of gravity, enough to make you have a good time, and to engage in an epic fight, at 360 degrees which more is. Be careful, blows can come from any direction. In addition, the walls, ceilings and floors can be reversed at will. Note that the whole story takes place aboard an extraterrestrial building by the name of Arkade or Non-Being, which explains the involvement of gravity. Next to it, three black holes surround it. This ship was a very classic ship before Flippin Misfits came to steal it, and turned it into a huge arena of frantic space combat.

All about Flippin Misfits

If you came across this article, it’s not by chance, it’s rather because you are invited to an event taking place from November 10 and ending on November 14 at 7 p.m. This free event will allow everyone to experience the game and discover its basics. This allows you to have a precise idea as to its universe and its functioning. This will encourage you or not to get it in full version. However, also remember that at the end of the event, a new character will appear in the game and will be available during battles. This seventh playable character is none other than the Sikeborg, you will find out more about it by using it during your games. At the end of these four days of free access, it will be reduced by 30% until November 24, ie a sidereal price of €3.50.

Flippin Misfits

As a reminder, as Dead by Daylight and Flippin Misfits are from the same developer, following the success of Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactive has decided to offer an exclusive amulet of the latter to all Flippin Misfits players. it’s about the Dead by Daylight Trapper. Attention that does not fail to delight players, both collectors of rare coins and classic players. However, during your games, be aware that you will also have to play two or four, like any battle royale type game. However, what distinguishes the latter from these types of game is simply its whimsical universe and its ability to float through the air. An option that attracts a lot of players, and which is likely to make Flippin Misfits an essential game. Knowing that through the game, you can suddenly reverse the direction of gravity, in order to have the upper hand over your opponents. Moreover, in this game, shooting from a distance is far from being effective than close combat, regardless of the type of equipment you choose.

The essentials to remember about Flippin Misfits

Speaking of a fighting game, we always think of armaments, and to do this, remember that Flippin Misfits offers thirty-five mods per round. Mods represent an assortment of gear that you can combine to create the perfect accessory to defeat your opponents. To ensure fairness, a ranking of players is presented at the end of each round, and the one who obtains the lowest score will be the first to be able to choose their mods during the next round. Which means that the one who occupies the first place will then be the one who will choose his mods last.

However, there is also a point that we would like to insist, it concerns the Arkade, because once inside, you launch yourself in front of serious problems. Know to do that if your opponents do not manage to kill you, the arena can easily do it for them, if it happened that you accidentally fall on its various traps. Obviously, the obstacles set up vary from one round to another. However, they are not harmless to say the least. Once you get screwed, you’ll have no way out. Indeed, you will be faced with lava pits, drifting mines, flaming rockets or even a loudspeaker whose sound is so loud that it makes you fall.


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