Welcome in pepper grinder (literal translation of pepper mill), do not rely on this translation insofar as you are not going to mill here but indeed to drill.

Warm and attractive Pepper Grinder

A new game in development, the release of which is officially scheduled for the year 2023, in particular on the Nintendo switch and PC platforms. Pepper Grinder is the result of the collaboration between Ahr Ech and Developer Digital. This side-scrolling action game ( side-scrolling video game) in a 2D universe, there is a strong risk of taking you back to your childhood. But also an adventure game that will put you in the shoes of a little pirate girl by the name of Pepper. This pirate was stripped of her treasure and whose ship was sunk by the Narlings, Pepper must then play treasure hunters to find her belongings, before heading back to sea on another building. But, as you can see, her story is not a long calm river, many obstacles await our little Pepper at each level.

However, to help her accomplish her tasks with flying colors, Pepper is constantly armed with her trusty Grinder, a machine that allows her to punch holes anywhere. Thanks to this Grinder, like a mole, Pepper can then easily make her way through the earth and the rocks, in order to find all of her treasure. Obviously, the Narlings and other creatures will be there to block your way, in addition to the various ingenious obstacles that you will have to thwart. Luckily for you, your Grinder isn’t just for making holes or digging, you can also use it to mow down your opponents. Especially since you can swap it for a more powerful weapon, depending on your progress. A true sea wolf, our little Pepper is not afraid of anything. Nevertheless, it is your duty to help him carry out his quest, and especially to find his treasure, in addition to some interests in passing.

What awaits you through Pepper Grinder

For those who have not yet had the chance to discover the game’s trailer, know that you are not at the end of your surprises. Indeed, although Pepper’s road is largely hectic, be aware that many game features will be offered to you. Will they allow our young heroine to get out of it without a hitch? However, speaking of movement, know that you may be confronted with enigmatic emanations. Obviously, to be able to move forward, you will have to jump over these obstacles. Even more, you will also have to make your way on dry land, in drill mode, in order to collect the different pieces that are buried there. By collecting these gems and various treasures found along the way, you can exchange them in the shop, for Pepper or Grinder upgrades, depending on your preferences. However, you can also choose to trade your treasures for new maps to browse or for particularly brightly colored stickers.

During your adventure, you will have to face different antagonists. However, be careful. Because some of them contain stickers that you will also have to collect to complete your collection. Certainly, your main goal is to accelerate the advance of chaos as much as possible, in order to defeat your opponents. However, you will also have to solve many puzzles, which will allow you to move from one point to another, without getting killed. In addition, you will also have to develop great precision in your movements, in order to ensure your shots, and avoid going through, leaving you vulnerable against your opponents. A game that has been made with little onions, Pepper Grinder offers you a particularly colorful and exciting universe, enough to keep you busy for a while.

Pepper Grinder, the call of the drill

A tribute made by Devolver Digital to the memory of its great classics, Pepper Grinder is the game not to be skipped in 2023. This game is full of life and completely crazy. On Pepper Grinder, the drill always has the last word, regardless of the type of opponent it faces. From dirt, ice, rocks and other crazy obstacles, to making sure it clears a safe path for Pepper, the Grinder smashes almost anything in its path. To give the Grinder more power, Pepper makes sure to give it a boost from time to time by pushing it, especially to spring out of the ground or past an area of ​​water.

Although the Grinder is super capable, there are times when Pepper has to let it rest to move on to other equipment or machines. It usually depends on the environment and the level to pass. However, in general, the Grinder is often the one that takes up the most space throughout the game, at least in terms of weaponry. Which is quite understandable, given that he even appears in the title of the game, alongside Pepper, his unconditional sidekick. If you want to discover the complicity of these two, and put it to your advantage, then you just have to wait for the release of the game to get started. However, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in this universe in the future through the game trailer.


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