The new chapter of Dead By Daylight: Forged in the Fog is available on Steam, consoles and mobile since Tuesday, November 22! We are now in chapter 26 of the horror game. The update (update) account with two new characters, a new map and cosmetic items. We will discuss what to remember from this latest update.

Chapter 26, Dead by Daylight: Forged in the Fog

The Dead by Daylight Chapter 26 update leans into the medieval atmosphere. The universe of the game is already confirmed to be able to bring several different characters to participate in the macabre game of the Entity. While survivors like Claudette Morel and Jake Park come from the contemporary age, some characters would have lived during the Thirties like The Trapper or even in the days of the Wild West like the Lance-Mort.

But, this chapter 26 goes all the way to the time of the Middle Ages bringing us two characters who lived in Europe during the Dark Ages era.


Knight (Killer)

Equipped with a greatsword and clad in steel armor, The Knight is now playable as a slayer. It counts with two special abilities (interactions) and three skills. His special abilities are theGuard Call and the Hunt. Call of the Guard is the ability to call upon his three loyal Guardsmen controlled by an artificial intelligence. The guards are the Carnifex, the Assassin and the Jailer. They must patrol and perform a destruction action. The Hunt is activated upon detecting a survivor in or around the assigned patrol path, the guard will proceed to pursue the survivor. Guards have different specialties, so here’s the differences between the Guards of the Knight and the choices to be made in the Guards depending on the action:

  • The Carniflex : Destroys and damages objects faster.
  • The murderer : Stay longer in Hunt.
  • The jailer : Patrol longer and faster.

Moving on to the Knight’s skills, he has three skills one of which is a spell.

  • Nowhere to hide : When you hit a generator, the aura of all nearby survivors is revealed.
  • Spell: Confront the Darkness : When a survivor is injured, a totem lights up as long as it is connected to that player. While this spell is active, all other Survivors outside of your Terror Radius will pause their actions momentarily to scream. The effect wears off when the cursed survivor is injured or knocked down. It deactivates completely as soon as the bewitched totem is purified.
  • Hubris: as soon as a Survivor stuns you, that Survivor is exposed for an instant.

Its difficulty is listed in-game as Medium.


Vittorio Toscano (Survivor)

Already very… appreciated by the community for its history and esoteric aspect. The new survivor has three unique skills with the possibility of sharing when acquiring a first level of prestige. Here are the capabilities of the Vittorio Toscano and how they work:

  • Potential energy : This skill activates when you have repaired a generator for a certain duration without interruption. After activation, continuing to repair the Generator will charge Potential Energy instead of advancing the Generator. This energy is stored up to twenty tokens, which are converted into repair progress later transferred to the next generator.
  • Resourceful : Shows Slayer’s Aura on Excellent Skill Test
  • Quick Gambit: If you are chased around a generator, those who repair it gain a repair speed boost.


The Devastated Place (Map)

The new map “The Devastated Place” is already playable in Dead by Daylight. It depicts a village ravaged by the Knight, Tarhos Kovács, and his guards. The map features several burnt houses, a gallows for public executions, and several other settings that tell a horrifying story. Also, it has a main building, but not the killer’s hut.


Unlock The Knight and Vittorio (price of DLC and cosmetics)

The DLC, Dead by Daylight: Forged in the Fog, is out now 6,99€ on Steam and 7,99€ on PlayStation. It features the two unlocked characters and an exclusive cosmetic item for Vittorio namely the stylish Biker Jacket.

Characters can be purchased from the in-game store with 500 Ora Cells (the currency paid) or 9000 Iridescent Shards (the acquired currency).


Dead by Daylight: Forged in the Fog was subject to a few bugs upon release, receiving an average of 386 reviews on steam. Personally, I’m interested in character skills and I’m going to farm Iridescent Shards to unlock both characters. The mechanics of the Knight’s Guards seem a bit complicated but Nowhere to Hide seems super useful, and Vittorio has already won my heart.

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