The studio’s first game Game Smithing Limited is a concentrate of intense action! You will find a fantastic world filled with hordes of monsters. However, you will have a whole range of powers to fight them! So let’s go for a ride into the chaos with Soulstone Survivors.

Soulstone Survivors capsule

Soulstone Survivors, the action at its peak

Soulstone Survivors puts us in the shoes of an adventurer who finds himself in an arena full of enemies. The objective is to kill them, to make the bosses come and kill them in turn. The key lies in the fact that our character (character) attacks automatically. Yes, yes, you heard it right: we don’t need to press any buttons for him to attack.

Soulstone Survivors action

For once, we must above all move around the map to avoid enemies and their attacks. We also need to aim for some attacks and using dodge is highly recommended! With each enemy killed, we gain a little XP (Experience). We will use XP with each level up to gain more power and attack. So the circle is complete: move, attack, gain XP, choose your boost.

Soulstone Survivors battle

Soulstone Survivors offers great variety for every run

Soulstone Survivors is a nugget for completionists! There are so many things to unlock that you sometimes wonder if it’s not the main mechanic: skills, runes, weapons, characters, levels and even trophies! You can spend hours there, until you have access to every bit of the game. You will have to grind (and a lot) to succeed! Grinding is the act of gaining experience by repeating an action over and over. Alongside that, the variety will come from the unlocks, although it deserves more variety.

Soulstone Survivors variety

And what is Soulstone Survivors worth in terms of Art Direction?

We are there on low-poly. It is about modeling polygons in 3D using only a limited number of these geometric shapes. It is neat and well made. However, it deserves to have a little more style and to be a little more diversified. Where Soulstone Survivors shines is in the special effects. They are very beautiful and very poignant, even if their omnipresence sometimes prevents a good reading of what is happening in the game. The music is quite nice and goes very well with the rhythmic action of the game.

Soulstone Survivors boss

Go on an adventure in this content factory that is Soulstone Survivors. You will definitely feel overpowered!

Soulstone Survivors has been in early access since November 7 and improvements will certainly be made thanks to feedback (returns) players.



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