The Metaverse is the future of the internet. A virtual world in which we can interact with millions of people around the world, wow! However, Minecraft didn’t wait for Silicon Valley actions to do just that. Since 2011, players have found themselves in this cubic universe to experience adventures together. Now it’s Nestle who invests this game so cherished by its community with a new server opened this November 10: farmtopiaTM.

farmtopiaTMa server to play and learn

Farmtopia is therefore a new Minecraft server, but what does it contain? For its first season, it will have two game boards accessible from a central hub. Players will be able to access multiple mini-games with a common characteristic: their theme. Indeed, according to Mathieu OvaertChief Digital Officer at Nestlé, FarmtopiaTM will be a fun and educational experience. It will provide younger generations with knowledge on sustainable development and regenerative agriculture. Precisely, the first two trays will deal with two very specific subjects:

  • soil management: this involves managing the presence of nutrients in cultivated soils. It is also about preserving soil fertility
  • agroforestry: it concerns the maintenance on agricultural plots of shrubs and trees in the form of hedges

Knowing that most of the younger generation plays video games regularly, what better than to communicate messages through this medium? Especially when it comes to defending biodiversity! Nestlé thus wanted to highlight a “ play to earn” (play while learning). It is an educational and fun game aimed at the engagement and entertainment needs of players. In addition, it provides information about the issues farmers face. Indeed, it is a question of meeting quality production objectives while preserving the environment. It also consists of a commitment to responsible agricultural practices.

farmtopiaTMmore than a virtual world?

The most interesting, with this new server, is not even the entry of ecology into the world of Minecraft. But, it is rather the opposite. Yes, the reverse: Minecraft’s entry into the real world! farmtopiaTM is designated for the purpose of allowing players to earn points while playing. This is possible through the completion of missions and challenges. These points give the community the opportunity to support regenerative agriculture projects selected and funded by Nestlé and its brands. These are Purina with Friskies, Naturnes, Chocapic and Nesquick. It’s not the first time that a large group has used Minecraft for ecological actions, but it always feels good!

So, whether you’re a die-hard Minecraft fan or a newbie, get your virtual rakes ready. If you don’t like the farm, you will have at least helped to support an ecological project led by Nestlé and its partners alongside the Earthworm Foundation.

Bastien Sachet, Director of the Earthworm Foundation, thus develops the term regenerative agriculture where the soil is placed at the center of ecosystems. These actions relate to three principles. “First, it’s about working the soil less, disturbing the ecosystems less, through plowing for example. Then, promote the reintroduction or preservation of biodiversity: abandon monoculture, move towards more rotation in cultivated species. And finally, regeneration is above all about doing less. It’s letting nature work, and therefore for the farmer to work less, spending less time in the tractors turning the soil. It is to be a pilot of the system, a pilot of the living. It is necessary to devote more time to contact with nature, to observe it and adapt its methods”.


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