Next to the feeding, if you know the universes ofAnkamayou are no stranger to the concept of Transmedia. The latter consists in diversifying the narrative content as well as the interaction capacities while developing them on several media. Over the years, the French company created in 2001 has sought to develop its works within different media (Video games, comics, animation, etc.). Different media yes! However, most works was at the center of the same universe: the Krosmoz ! Thus, you can classify some of Ankama’s works on a timeline. The connection of his works at the heart of the same universe makes it possible to tell multiple stories, across all media, through a main event. This is precisely what is at the heart of this KROSMONOTE 2022. This year Krosmonote introduces a new anime series, The Last Adventure of Count LanceHard. This is the spearhead of these transmedia adventures. It is from this series that different events will arise from the different works ofAnkama.

The Last Adventure of Count Lance-Dur (animation series/DNA/2023)

New animated seriesAnkama in collaboration with the studio Andarta Pictures is, as indicated above, the spearhead of the adventures of Lance Dur. The Last Adventure of Count Lance-Dur is the story of an ultimate quest. After a life of adventure full of action and twists and turns, Count Lance-Dur, Forge-Lance living on Albuera Island, is now an elderly, tired and sick man. On his birthday, while he and his former companions are enjoying a festive moment, an unexpected event occurs. A mysterious witch named belladonna attacks the village and kidnaps the children there, including the Count’s granddaughter. This is the trigger for this new series. The Count and his friends, determined, decide to take up armsto set off again on an adventure and once again travel the lands of Valonia Archipelago in order to free the children from the grip of the witch.

The miniseries will be available on the platform of VoD DNA in early 2023 and will count 7 episodes of about 10 minutes.

Dofus (PC video game/2004)

On the Dofus side, the event was centered around a update. The update 2.66 main novelty is the implementation of a whole new class: The Spearsmith!
The Forge-lances are a people venerating the Original Spear, where their powers seem to come from, and not the gods. Convinced that they will be of no help to them when the time comes, they have a duty to write their own story ! This class of Noble Warrior will have its own narrative arc, so it will be an opportunity to find out who they are. In terms of gameplay, Ankama wanted to make this a whole new damage oriented class, a class with clever gameplay. Le Forge-Lance must be in symbiosis with his Lance which will influence his movements, his attacks, etc.

The update will also give us access to three new islands of the famous Valonia Archipelago ! The first is none other than that of our friend Lance-Dur, Albuera Island, on this still wild island, a brand new colony is being developed, we will follow quests related to the latter as well as the difficulties encountered with the local fauna in particular. We then find the Dark and Mysterious Ereboria Islanda volcanic island, containing mines where resides Wax Momore, guarding its treasure and its secrets. Finally, the magnificent Ephedrya Island where nature has reclaimed its rights, following the fall of an ancient kingdom. She is now in the possession of the ruthless witch belladonna and his servants of stone. The update also consists of adding three new dungeonsnew quests and also a great fight against Wax Momore.

Dofus is downloadable gfree on the company’s PC platform: Ankama Launcher.


Dofus Touch (Mobile Video Game/2016)

Update 1.57 of Dofus Touch is a major update for the version Mobile from the famous MMORPG. In a desire to improve theaccessibility to new playersthe developers at Ankama decided to radically change start of game. This is once again the opportunity to implement brand new content directly related to the adventures of Lance-Hard. Indeed, new players will be welcomed by a certain Jin Spear and his family on the Albuera Archipelago. These will accompany the players on the integrity of the arc. In addition, it will allow them to familiarize themselves with the gameplay of the game. Dofus Touch taking place long before the lifetime of Lance-Hard and his friends, players will discover a brand new version of Albueraa young colony still wild and who knows, other protagonists of the transmedia adventure may make their appearances!

Dofus Touch is downloadable gfree since Store of your Mobile

Wakfu (PC video game/2012)

In wakfu, we will find a character, met in one of the webtoon series in connection with Lance-Dur, which will invite players to revisit the island of Ereboria in the Valonia archipelago, cursed island and full of threats, the players will have the mission to challenge the indefatigable Wax Momore, protecting its treasure and its secrets! Here too, we should expect content for the most hardcore players! Indeed, it is through new areas that we will be invited to visit or revisit the archipelago. Three new areas will be present to accompany the players of the level 50 to 65. There will also be two new areas, for capped players (i.e. they can cope) to level 230. New quests and bosses will be scattered throughout the adventure.

wakfu is downloadable gfree on the company’s PC platform: Launcher

Waven (PC and Mobile video game/2023)

waventhe next massively multiplayer game fromAnkama on the Unity engine, also plans to implement adventures related to that of Lance-Hard. A quick reminder, Waven takes place chronologically only thirteen years before the adventure of the anime. Due to many events, the water level of the planet continues to increase. Only a few islands act as a refuge for the inhabitants of the planet! It is in this context that players will be able to visit the island of Albuera! The island of our friend Lance-Dur! In terms of content, Ankama promises us HL (High Level) events, in order to access them. Armed with their level 100, players will be able to roam the island in order to complete new quests. If in Dofus, a whole new class will be created with the Forge-Lance! In Waven the latter will be implemented within the Iop class! This class will have access to the iconic Forge-Lance weapon and therefore new gameplay.

For information, Waven is still under development and planned, if all goes well, for end of year 2023, for freeon the company’s PC platform: Launcher. The implementation of events related to Lance-Dur will either be directly accessible when the game is released, or added in an update.



It’s no longer a secret, Ankama clearly has the desire to take its audience through several related adventures within different media. Two Webtoons will make their appearance in this will to Transmedia. The first will be complementary to The Last Adventure of Count Lance-Dur. Thereby, the public will be able to read part of it after each episode of the animated series. Each game will deal with a connected character or event. Not essential to understanding the series, it will be welcome in order to flesh out the animated adventure. The second Webtoon will be centered on the past of Wax Momore. She will come exclusively to answer several questions concerning the latter.

Whether through his video gamesher animated serieshis projects Webtoonit’s a big tour de force thatAnkama realizes through this end of the year 2022. The company allows us to live several interrelated adventures, whether through several protagonists, several eras or several media. On the occasion of this Krosmonote 2022we were lucky enough to meet teams of enthusiasts, giving the best of themselves in their projects.

Thank you to the Ankama teams for welcoming us so warmly during the Krosmonote, for sharing their passions for their artistic projects in video games, animation and publishing.

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