Here is a game that will amaze you, already by its name: Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge… Just that! a system of really interesting mini games that draw all the interest from the Switch.

mini games in shambles

Just For Games launches into a delirious game

In fact, you have 100 mini-games waiting for you to surround you with ultra-nice music. You will be able washing a baby, unrolling toilet paper, reproducing a painting, blowing on leaves... There is something for every taste.

Motion management joy-con works great and we quickly come back to our years spent on mario parties or wii sports moving our bodies. As a result, you will have to succeed as much as possible in the challenges you will face.

washing a baby in a game

Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge, multiplayer makes sense

I tested the game in single player mode to start and although the games are super fun, I think you’ll have the trick in about fifteen hours. The advantage lies in the fact that you can start a small game very quickly to relax and play for an hour.

On the other hand, the multiplayer mode will take you even further! Indeed, you will be able to create via a system of “room code“, rooms where you can invite your friends online.

However, you can also find other partners online to have fun on its mini games. This will allow you to see who will be the best joycon user in the world !

cat unrolls toilet paper

The Switch choice for mini games

Indeed, the importance remains in the choice of the switch as support. So you can have fun for many hours, alone, with family, online, with friends or against strangers.

L’Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge will surely seduce you for fast parts regularly.

It is available from October 7 on Nintendo Switch. Please find attached if not yet 100% convinced:


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