If you are having difficulty connecting to your Wifi, here is a product that should revolutionize your multiple and varied internet browsing, and even your downloading facilities. Let’s check it all out. You will surely ask what is this additional accessory that can fulfill these conditions wonderfully. It is quite simply the Devolo Wifi 6 repeater 5400. The latter has the slogan “Stop Wi-Fi Problems“.

Like the gigabytes parading visibly, the sending of the repeater was very fast and very neat.

Devolo WiFi 6 repeater 5400

Devolo WiFi 6 repeater 5400, an additional repeater or a real repeater?

Already having a repeater at home stamped with the brand of my operator, but not working perfectly, I looked for a quality repeater. My request, towards the latter, was to be able to accompany me on a daily basis in all my research on the internet, download games and of course play them. Or simply, I wanted to have them streaming without downloading. That’s how I came across the Devolo WiFi 6 5400 repeater.

Getting it started is child’s play. It is a question of going to the Play Store application, for an Android mobile, Devolo Home Network App. If you have a mobile running on iOS, you will have to perform the same manipulation. Once this task is completed, you will need to synchronize the repeater with your network. And here we go, welcome to the stratosphere of gigabytes per hundred.

Devolo WiFi 6 repeater 5400 review

Features of the Devolo WiFi 6 repeater 5400

Let’s get to those features now! It is guaranteed for three years. Moreover, it works with all routers. Beside that, it extends the range of Wi-Fi network up to 5400 megabits per second.

So, if you don’t have a high-performance connection, with fiber or ADSL, this WIFI 6 5400 repeater seems to be made for you. For my part, the connection speed was multiplied by 6. Therefore, it fulfilled all the criteria that I wanted. Indeed, it was the speed of internet browsing and the speed of downloads.

It seems to be the essential accessory for anyone or even a streamer who needs a crazy internet connection.

And you, what will be your WIFI repeater?

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