When we talk about video games, most of the time we are referring to PC or console games. In this new title, we offer you a game that can only be played on mobile, both on Android and iOS. This game was released on November 9, 2022, and is currently available across the globe. It is Dear Ella.

What does Dear Ella have in store for us?

A fantasy RPG video game, developed by Com2us Holding, Dear Ella is a beautiful anime-style adventure that lets you explore an open world, in which you will have to go through different dungeons to earn points. Obviously, you will have to pass many challenges depending on your level. However, to succeed in your adventure through this imaginary world, you will have the chance to put yourself in the shoes of a hero and bring them together, in order to defeat the various antagonists that await you in each dungeon or challenge. Thanks to the different particularities of your heroes, you will then be able to successfully pass each quest that will be offered to you, especially since you will be able, at the same time, to take advantage of the different rewards that are unlocked following the quests.

Dear Ella

The story takes place through the kingdom of Esperansa, in a tight-lipped situation, in which a kind little princess sees her life suddenly change. This results from the betrayal of his uncle, who, greedy for power, killed the king to take his place. He also attempts to kill his niece. From his name Zenon, this assassin took a long time to mount his coup, because his plan of assassination began with a revolt, which quickly widened into a coup d’etat. However, bad luck for Zénon, Princess Ella is not ready to forget everything, let alone to sit idly by, doing nothing. On the contrary, she organizes herself on her side, in order to perpetrate her father’s revenge.

Dear Ella and its promises

Between dungeon, mine, and temple, there are many levels to pass in this game. Obviously, to go from one level to another, you must complete the current quest. As you can imagine, your ultimate goal in this game is to defeat the plans of the perfidious Zeno, and defeat his many minions, in order to restore the image of the kingdom. To do this, you can rely on the strengths of each of your heroes to allow you to pass certain stages without difficulty. However, everyone should be reminded that as you progress, you will also need to improve your hero’s performance, by providing him with new equipment, thus boosting his attack or defense points.

To earn points, you will need to engage in battles. For this you can choose between different scenarios, starting the fight by opting for one of the seven dungeons namely event dungeons. A step that will allow everyone to stock up on EXP potions or earn registration runes, knowing that each quest will have to be completed before the time limit. Thus, it will be necessary to prepare your attack to avoid a few seconds from the end of the counter. You can also opt for the forgotten mine mode to accumulate as much gold as possible, knowing that gold is the main currency of the game. This mode allows you to obtain more gold than by the Adventure mode. In addition, you can also let yourself be tempted by the ancient temple which is offered to players on a daily basis, allowing them to increase their resources and craft new and more efficient equipment to perform better in the game.

Dear Ella

Of course, you can also opt for the Arena. This allows you to earn combat bonuses. These bonuses, being honor currencies, can be exchanged in the honor shop. Moreover, you can also earn rank bonuses there which are besides honor bonuses, crystals or gems. There is also the land of illusions. To win the present rubies, you are only entitled to a few attempts per day. Besides that, depending on the difficulty level of the dungeon and your chained skills, the number of rubies received will not be the same. Furthermore, there is also Ice Queen’s Nightmare and Kaimora’s Breath. Thus, like the three dungeons mentioned above, these also have their own specificities. However, before going from one level to another, it is quite normal to have to finish the one that is proposed in the first instance, or the one on which you are currently. In addition, the more ranks you climb, the more power you will increase, which will be of great benefit to you and will allow you to overcome your opponents with ease.

Notes to remember about Dear Ella

You can have thirty heroes whose skills are many and varied but necessary to achieve your victory against both your uncle and this throne and kingdom thief.

This game is not yet in French. If you are a fan of English games or don’t mind that, don’t hesitate to download it. Unless it allows you, in addition to being able to play, to revise your Korean (한국어), traditional Chinese (中文繁體), simplified Chinese (中文简体) or even your Japanese (日本語)

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