RPG type games are no longer really to present to gamers, especially those who play online. If this kind of game attracts you, you will also be a fan of this new game signed by the Team Miaozi and NetEase Gamesto know Cygnus Enterprises. Find out more about this game through this article.

Cygnus Enterprises: The New Alien Game

For some time now, alien stories have greatly dropped in the marketplace, at the expense of dragons and other mythical Earth monsters. Whether we are talking about an adventure game or a role-playing game, it is undeniable that earthly monsters have largely taken the upper hand over extraterrestrials. However, NetEase and Miaozi disagree, leading them to develop this game which takes place exclusively across the border world of Mytilus, a world that lies light years from Earth. However, we must still note the lush side of this world, which does not fail to catch the eye of everyone. Offering the same way of life as on Earth, Mytilus offers an ecosystem conducive to human life.

Cygnus Enterprises

To be more attractive, Cygnus Enterprises does not just base itself on a specific type of game. Indeed, although at first glance, we note that it is a classic construction game, we must nevertheless remember that it combines perfectly with shooting games. Which allows each player to embark on different specific quests, in order to expand their empire through Mytilus. However, also note that unlike the various construction games, on Cygnus Enterprises, it is quite possible for you to devote yourself entirely to the development of your city. Knowing that you have nothing to fear from monsters, since they cannot do any damage to your buildings. The latter are content only to decimate the local population, which means that many abandoned buildings are found on the spot. In addition, you will have to rely on these abandoned buildings to develop your own city.

All about Cygnus Enterprises

As you can see above, once you land in the game, you will be required to take over an outpost that has been long abandoned on Mytilus. From this outpost, you will establish your base by carrying out the restoration of the premises, and by carrying out various constructions, enough to allow you to shelter your employees, and to better manage them. You will then have to build labs, bunkers, as well as various other buildings that you will need for the smooth running of your story. For those who don’t know, in addition to the various monsters you will have to face, know that many villages are also on the lookout for the slightest opportunity, and are waiting for the right moment to rob you. It is therefore important for you to properly arm the staff, so that they can defend themselves and you during looting or external attacks. Especially since you can assign specific and unique weapons to everyone working on your base.

Cygnus Enterprises

When building your base, you will need to take the time to gather different resources that you can find everywhere in the game. However, you will also need to have a preference for new technologies, this will allow you to have a length ahead of your opponents, since there are quite a few of them on the map. Nevertheless, to allow you to have a good time in the game, it is imperative for you to stay as you are, let your personality shine through through this game, and take advantage of the different skill trees to boost the abilities of your characters. This will allow them to be more resistant and to better counter your attackers, or to overcome your opponents quickly. Whether we are talking about human adversaries or the various monsters who want to rule Mytilus, you will have to get rid of them by all means. And to achieve this, you will be entitled to fifty different weapons, as well as more than a hundred useful objects.

Cygnus Enterprises Basics

When you play Cygnus Enterprises, know that you are part hunter and part game. To explain, you land on an unknown planet which has already hosted various expeditions, and for the majority, it went wrong. Indeed, on this planet, dinosaurs, dragons, as well as robots are in the game, and will serve as your main antagonists. However, to avoid being devoured by them, all you have to do is stay safe in your base, and work for its sustainability.

In addition to the construction side, the RPG also reveals its full potential through this game. And to allow you to have the necessary strength to overcome your opponents, it is possible for you to base yourself on different talents, thus allowing you to customize your character or weapons. Although most of the weapons are specific and unique, be aware that some of them are largely versatile. If you are a fan of this kind of games, know that Cygnus Enterprises will be available in early access on Steam from December 16, 2022. A chance for players to discover the various exclusives it offers before the official release which is not not yet dated.

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