Imagine yourself as a voodoo doll cursed in order to find peace by saving lost souls… It can be scary, but the incredible gameplay will take you far into this very special world. Welcome to the world ofElectronic Motion Gamesindependent studio, which creates and develops its very first game here, namely Altero. The game’s story is intentionally hidden from you so that you can go beyond this lore. Indeed, the latter could seem to you gloomy and tragic while this game is rather poetic and melancholy.

altero puzzle game

A unique and surprising Gameplay

The game required six years of development by Sergio Schiavo whose interview you will soon be able to find.

Indeed, the principle of the puzzle game is well known to all. But there you will have to die in order to make the “phantom” of your character. The latter will therefore come to help you solve the puzzles.

You will then have to die in a skilful way and respecting very specific paths so that your ghosts come to your aid in the best way.

I must admit that this mechanism is a genius ideanever seen before and which will allow you to discover the puzzle game in a completely new way.

Phantom Altero

A special emotion in a video game

What is striking in Altero is the AD (Art Direction)! She will take you into a mixture of feelings, morals and reflection without ever getting tired.

This game is in 2D in a dark and gloomy world. However, you will feel melancholy and sympathy for this voodoo doll who grows with each level. It’s really confusing.

The luminous eyes bring a colorful touch that creates a certain attraction. The ghosts are represented with more bland colors, but with a neon style. Suddenly, this makes them more sympathetic and less morose than an average ghost, as we know it.

altero game image

Brazilian culture is present throughout the game

In effect, Sergio Schiavo, the founder of Electronic Motion Games is a Brazilian with a globetrotting soul. He has traveled a lot in Europe for his various trades. This allowed him to acquire very interesting experiences. With Altero, his goal is to upset players with this adventure. And, for sure, it will upset you! The name Electronic Motion (or E-motion) remains a play on words precisely on the theme of emotion.

Sergio has surrounded himself with a team where some artists are still students. However, they wanted to show their talents, it shows. The graphics and stripes are extremely neat.

You can find this wonderful game since October 17 on Steam and soon on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PS5

Here is the trailer, but I strongly advise you to play it directly. The game must be played to feel the emotions even more.


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