This is a game for which we used to play it before on Smartphone namely Jigsaw Puzzle. Nevertheless, Puzzle BobbleEverybubble stands out from its previous versions, through the series of new features it embeds. You will discover new possibilities and an exciting adventure. All this will seduce you in all likelihood.

Puzzle Bobble Everbubble Taito May 23, 2023

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble: A game for everyone

Like the games in the Puzzle Bobble series, the Puzzle Bobble Everybubble game is therefore aimed at everyone, young and old, without distinction. However, contrary to what we are used to seeing, Puzzle Bobble Everybubble is not available on all platforms, and even less so on Smartphones. Just like the games developed by Taito Corporation, this game is available exclusively on the Japanese game console Nintendo Switch. Speaking of development, although we are already accustomed to Taito’s impeccable game quality, remember that for this opus, our developer has teamed up with Inin Games, in order to offer better content to players. For the distribution side, this task has been assigned to the illustrious Just For Games of Philippe Cohen. This French company no longer seems to present as its contributions are numerous today. In addition, the latter edited the game Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge.

jigsaw puzzle bobbleeverybubble

Very easy to master, this game is largely intuitive. Moreover, it transposes through different levels. This will allow you to burst bubbles all day long. However, remember that you will also have different goals to achieve, and a main mission. Indeed, it is a game that follows a very specific guideline. You find a narrator who takes care of situating you in the story, for each time you pass a level to discover another. Through this action-puzzle type game, you will then work to save an entire village. To do this, you will have to burst all the bubbles you come across on your way. This is a puzzle game for those who are used to spending hours in front of a game. Puzzle Bobble Everybubble is scheduled for an official release on May 23, 2023. It is an event that is quite anticipated by Nintendo Switch players. This can be explained by the many new features announced in the game, which only increase the enthusiasm of players against it. These new features will allow you to discover new facets of this cult game, leaving aside your previous experiences.

Everything you need to remember about Puzzle Bobble Everybubble

On the gameplay side, we are not going to dwell too much on it, we think that everyone has already understood the mechanism. So let’s just move on to the interesting stuff, starting with the fact that Puzzle Bobble Everybubble is now armed with a multiplayer mode. Through this mode, you can then embark on a four-player game, a more effective way to better advance in the game. Especially since it is an exciting adventure that you can experience with friends or in family, know that you can connect anywhere. You will no longer be forced to sync side-by-side in order to enjoy this multiplayer mode. In addition, you will find in the skin of Bub, Bob, Peb and Pab, our four cute dragons who will be your characters in this game. And, as you can see, instead of spitting fire, they make bubbles , and that is the origin of the game.

jigsaw puzzle bobbleeverybubble

Indeed, it all started when Miniroon, a little dragon strangely resembling Bub, discovers that he can make bubbles, and who, by accident, can’t stop, thus causing discord in Rainbow Islands. You will have understood it, with your four little dragons, you will then have to eliminate all the bubbles in a given time to go from level to level. Know that the more you level up, the more intense the challenges will be. However, you can also rely on different objects and tricks to complete your mission. Obviously, if you feel able to live this adventure solo, it is indeed possible for you to fight alone. Even more, if your group does not include more than two players, you can switch to the 2 vs 2 mode (2 against 2). This mode allows you to engage in a two-player battle against online players. A novelty that is widely talked about at the level of the players, and a very first appearance in this kind of game. This 2 vs 2 mode risks becoming the favorite mode of the players for this opus.

Indeed, many will wonder how many players can participate in this version, and the answer is quite simple. Indeed, if the 2 vs 2 version is possible, it is thus perfectly normal that we can embark on a game of 1 vs 1. However, be careful of the pressure which will be at its peak. Generally, in this kind of game, everything is decided to the nearest second. The finishing blow is often delivered by the most agile and quickest player. However, keep in mind that in this mode, you will also be able to send bubbles to your opponent’s side, which will considerably hinder the latter. However, if you miss your shot, it can turn into a point for the latter, which will penalize you in turn, so think about it and be careful.

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